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Exposition visits
Where does Cal Feru´s name come from? What was the price of a liter of wine in 1960?

All these questions are answered in the exhibition "75 years of wine trading" located in the basement of the store where wine bottles matured in the past. Now it is a small modern museum with its own personality.

The exhibition features the documentary "75 years of wine trading" Premio Raíces 2011 in the MOST International Film Festival of Vi i el Cava , directed by Ignacio Acconcia and Georgina Acero with music by Anna Roig.

The visits are guided with tasting.
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  • 5,00 €
    Nuestra exposición, situada en el sótano de la tienda, consta de un audiovisual de 15 minutos y de unos paneles donde se explica el oficio del comerciante de vino a través de la vivencias de 3 generaciones de Cal Feru.Ref.80001Horario de visitas:De martes a sábado: 11h, 13h y 18h.Domingos y festivos: 11h.
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