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Who manages the advisory service

The advisory service is managed by the Cal Feru team, under the management of Xavi Roig, Sumiller de Cal Feru. In 2013 it was among the top 10 specialists in Cava of the Spain (and the second in Catalonia) in the competition that the Cava Regulatory Council annually celebrates, and in 2018 the Cava Institute granted him the diploma of Formador en Cava.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can stop being part of the eno·club whenever you want to send an email with the word UNSUBSCRIBE to
If no purchase is made during the current year, the subscription is deactivated, but it can be re-activated easily by filling in the form again.

To enjoy the benefits again, you just have to fill in the membership form again.

Cal Feru can modify the membership bases and the advantages offered, prior notice to its members.

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